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Match Mortars, is an Edinburgh based business and our job is to help homeowners understand the problem and offer them the solution. We want to stop the damage that the cement is doing to your sandstone building. The satisfaction we get from restoring old buildings is our main reason we work long hours and travel far and wide.

Since our  company was founded in 2010, Match mortars has operated with strong values aimed at helping homeowners understand the importance of lime mortar and the damage cement pointing has on sandstone. we provide free estimates throughout Scotland Get in touch today, and discover how we can restore damaged sandstone and stop the decay that cement has caused to your building.

Lime Pointing - Masonry walls need to be maintained and repaired, just as roofs and rainwater goods do. Where walls are solid, without a cavity, keeping them in good repair is necessary for the interior to remain functional and dry. Pointing is the most common repair. and often one of the most poorly executed whether it is granite sandstone or clay brick. We make sure that you get the right mortar to help moisture movement and protect your stonework. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help.

Brick & stone Surface repair - Has your sandstone building suffered from erosion caused by the elements over the years?. a damaged gutter system maybe. or starting to flake from the wrong type of pointing mortars. or maybe someone has used the wrong type of stone to block an old vent or window and looks unsightly if so get in touch today to book your free survey and quotation.

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